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Having two daughters that are currently working from home, whilst simultaneously schooling their children, I can fully appreciate how complex things are for millions of families up and down the country. I feel grateful that I am in a little bubble of two adults at the moment, without the added stress of having to entertain, educate or assist anyone.

We have been very fortunate whilst isolating, but have recently discovered one of our neighbours has contracted Coronavirus. We can only pray he has a speedy recovery.

My eldest daughter, is married with three children (two young twin boys and a teenage girl), and lives in a teeny two bed house. Somehow she still manages to teach her college students online. She has even been known to Zoom from her car on the driveway when space in the house gets too limited! 

My youngest has set up an office on her dining table, with herself and her daughters all on different devices. From 9am they all have headsets on and multiple timers set for breaks and lessons. In her house, it is quite common to have three Zoom calls going on in the same room at the same time. This is just about manageable – except for when one of those calls is a piano lesson! 

Her strategy is to run things like a military operation, with all pages pre-printed for the day, and documents already opened on the computer for minimal interference. 

Despite her best efforts it never runs to plan; because real life is unpredictable, particularly when it involves children and technology. 

A glimmer of hope

It is easy to get overwhelmed and consumed by the news, particularly with us reaching the terrible milestone of 100,000 deaths yesterday. However, reading between the lines, there are some very positive signs that things should be improving soon. 

Our local Covid figures have been consistently dropping for the last few weeks, and the uptake for the vaccine is immense! Let’s hope this continues!

Also, the days are getting longer now, and signs of spring are starting to appear! Everything is more cheerful with sunshine and flowers!

Keep in touch! 

Now more than ever, we MUST check-in on one another. There are many reasons why this third lockdown has been harder than the previous ones. Weather, and the anticipation of Christmas were great distractions previously.

Make sure to call, Zoom, email and text your loved ones – particularly those who are on their own.

To capture this unique moment in time,  we’ve decided to cheer you all up, with a set of topical cards – another great way to stay in touch. We have kept them blank inside, so there is plenty of space for a meaningful message. By sending some humour, you have delivered a smile.

As always, we are keen to be led by our trusty friends and fans, and would welcome any suggestions you may have. 

We have also been talking about adding to our merchandise collection.  Is there anything in particular you would like us to start producing? If so, please email us at:

In other news…

Cherry has been very busy this week, and is currently working on a fabulous commission. We can’t say too much yet, as it is a surprise for the recipient…. But rest assured, we will show you the final product! Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for the final piece! 

A sneak up close section of the latest commission piece

Stay safe