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Working in Isolation Vs Groups

So, unless you have been living under a rock for the last eleventyhundred months, you will have undoubtedly been directly impacted by Covid19. This week I have chosen to discuss how this has affected me as an artist, for the better, and the worse.  


Time – there has been sooooo much time! An abundance of time. Who knows what time it is? Or what day for that matter? 

Peace – living in the town center, often means we are a half-way stop for many friends and family, and life before the lockdown was always full of (very welcome) interruptions. 

West Street Horsham, by Cherry Parsons.

This has not been the case for a very long time. (Except when a mate came round with a delivery and we made her a cuppa and sat her on a camping seat across the other side of the road.) The world has gone rather quiet, and this allows the creative juices to get flowing. 

Don’t Stand So Close To Me, by Cherry Parsons.

Pollution – the clear skies, the birds singing and the welcome sunshine. Amazing! My much-improved breathing and lack of sneezing tell me that I have an allergy to traffic and exhaust fumes. I have suspected as much for a long time. (Sadly with the traffic increasing the wheezing is returning)

Humanity – Although there have been many horrible events across the world recently, there is also a great deal of good in the world, if you look in the right places. Amongst my local neighbourhood, there has been a real sense of solidarity, generosity, and kindness. This camaraderie has indeed lifted my more cynical mood and reminded me of how fortunate I am. 


Boredom – I have tried to avoid watching every single episode of Homes Under the Hammer. (Loved seeing Golden Girls replay though.)

Loneliness – I am a social butterfly, and however much I love my husband – I need my friends and family around me to spur me on, give me feedback, and inspire me. For this reason, I still attend classes as often as I can. (when it’s safe to do so) In art, you can never stop learning, and half of the fun is bouncing ideas off one another. 


I am pretty sure I shouldn’t be talking to my paintbrushes (*see my comment above on loneliness). 

Lockdown has undoubtedly had a profound effect on many people’s mental health. Although I am trying to make light of things, it would be remiss of me to ignore the fact that lack of interaction is not good for the soul – or productivity.  

To summarise, as with many people, the novelty of having a reduced timetable and slower pace of life is now wearing off. I have always been a bit of a people-watcher, and get much of my inspiration from bustling places and observing human interaction.  

I cannot wait to get back to some form of normality and share a room with a bunch of crazy, like-minded creatives – pushing me to work outside my comfort zone and pep me up.  

So, I implore you; please stay in, so one day soon, we can all go and play with our friends 😊

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