Don’t Stand So Close to Me

Don’t Stand So Close to Me


Acrylic on canvas.
I’ve always tried to keep my Seagulls current, so there has to be a 2020 painting to reflect life as we are living it now.
Rainbows have played a massive role in our lives in the past few months. Due to the exceptional weather, in recent times, there have been many sightings of coronas around the sun. I used this image as a play on words.
The 2-metre rule of social distancing is being observed by the Seagulls basking in the sun. Following this week’s news, I may have to paint another edition but alter the distance to 1 and a bit metres.
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The Seagull Story

My ‘Seagull Range’ started one day when I had finished my usual painting. I noticed I still had loads of blue paint left on my pallette, “So what to do?” I thought. I unwrapped two small-ish canvases and painted them both blue. This particular blue is my favourite colour. I even got married in this colour. I decided to paint a picture of a seagull (Herring Gull). After I had finished,  I looked into his face. His expression was quizzical as if he was saying “Who Me?” I then thought he needs an answer to that question, so I painted “Yes You!”

Later the same day we had some friends coming over for dinner.

I had left the two pictures standing in the room, and several of my friends commented on the paintings suggesting that I might be onto something. “The rest, as they say, is history.”

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