• “Halcyon Days” Happy Children Greeting Card


      Acrylic on canvas.

      My three beautiful granddaughters are the subject of this painting. Using artists license, I have changed a garden wall scene to a seaside picture.


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    • Beth

      Acrylic on canvas.

      My daughter Beth, in her teenage years.  Her expression is one of thoughtfulness, and I love the moodiness of this image of her.

    • Bog Off Deal

      Acrylic on canvas.

      Twin grandsons contained within a shopping trolley at the supermarket. These delicious little livewires are seldom still enough to catch together in one place. A perfect opportunity presented itself on a shopping trip. It also shows the realities of modern life. A trip to the supermarket shops is an inescapable fact of life, whether you are young or old.

    • Briony

      Acrylic on canvas.

      I have painted a portrait of my daughter on her wedding day. It captures an endearing moment between her and her big sister, who is tenderly cupping her face in her hands.

    • Chris – Portrait Commission

      Acrylic on canvas.

      Here is a portrait of my lovely brother, who was taken from us too soon. He was my protector, my mentor, my tormentor, drinking buddy and friend. This look on his face is familiar to me as it is one of laughing disapproval. I’m glad I knew him.

    • Lorelie

      Acrylic on board.

      I have painted a portrait of my middle granddaughter aged Two and a half.

      I like the freedom of painting in a large format; it enables me to be more expressive. I used brushes, rollers and pipettes to create this image.

      Lorelie looks so pensive until she giggles. Then she is wreathed in smiles.

    • Mr P

      Acrylic on canvas.

      This picture is a portrait of my husband that I have painted in a traditional realistic style.  I do portrait commissions.

    • Poppy

      Acrylic on board.

      You paint one grandchild – you have to paint them all!

      Poppy is a cheeky little monkey, and I hope that shows.

    • Scarlet

      Acrylic on board.

      My eldest granddaughter is experiencing quiet excitement on the Bluebell Railway. She is gazing out at the views of the Sussex countryside. This image is the follow-up painting to a pen and ink sketch that I made of her.

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